Certified Mobile Research Nurses

 PCM Trials Certified Mobile Research Nurse

PCM Trials’ Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) extend the reach of traditional sites and reduce the burden of clinical study participation, allowing more patients to access and complete clinical trials. Our team makes the best research sites even better, driving data quality and enhancing the patient experience through our decentralized services.

All of PCM Trials’ CMRNs are registered nurses. They combine a wide scope of practice, extensive clinical experience, and patient centricity. Clinical capabilities and a commitment to research, however, are not enough to ensure the highest quality clinical research support. That’s why we created the CMRN certification. As part of our rigorous hiring and onboarding processes, CMRNs also complete good clinical practice (GCP) training, and they are regularly assessed to ensure that they are up to date. Additionally, they complete protocol-specific training for each study, so that every patient encounter meets PCM Trials’ – and sponsors’ – high standards.

In addition to certification, our direct relationship with each CMRN ensures the quality and consistency that are essential for successful clinical research. We directly recruit, train, certify, and manage our CMRNs, and we stand behind their capabilities. CMRNs are an integral part of the PCM Trials team and share our mission of improving clinical research for sponsors, CROs, and patients. They work closely with the rest of the operations team to ensure that all patient encounters meet or exceed expectations, and they live Our Values every day.

PCM Trials supports decentralized clinical trials globally. Even in countries where we do not have CMRNs today, we can help you realize the benefits of mobile research nursing. Our rigorous approach to screening, contracting, and managing full-service agencies means that you can access the highest-quality mobile research nurses in each geography – all with a single point of contact.

“My favorite thing about working for PCM TRIALS is that I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives: since mobile visits significantly reduce the burden of a research protocol on a participant, we are expanding access to cutting-edge research for populations who otherwise would not be able to take part.” CMRN

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