Our Values

We Work as a Team

There’s strength in numbers. No matter who is on our team – CMRNs, sponsors, CRO’s, study participants… we know the importance of communication and collaboration. By teaming up and working enthusiastically toward the same goal, we can expand our knowledge, share ideas, and find the best ways to achieve success.

We Do the Right Thing 

What is right isn’t always what is easy. But hard work pays off. At PCM TRIALS, this shows through the personal, genuine connections we make with our study participants and business partners. We understand the importance of privacy, accuracy, empathy, and compassion. By focusing on the human impact of our work, and through dedicated sponsorship of organizations like the American Cancer Society, our reputation bolsters confidence and trust in the lives we touch.

We Figure It Out

Discreetly entering through the back gate so neighbors are unaware of a child’s participation in a clinical trial. Meeting a study participant on vacation so they can maintain their treatment protocol. Going the extra mile to make sure a participant can stay in a potentially life-saving clinical trial. Stories like these are commonplace at PCM TRIALS. The decentralized and hybrid clinical trials landscape continues to evolve, presenting new challenges, big and small. Our experience and foresight allow us to adapt to these challenges in stride, always thinking a few steps ahead before we act. Even if the challenge seems unsolvable, we never give up when it really matters.

We Pursue Growth

From humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado, PCM TRIALS has grown to become a leader in the mobile clinical trials industry, serving a multitude of clients globally. Our unique approach to delivering drug trial protocols anytime, anywhere has proven to be a valuable asset to Clinical Research Organizations and Sponsors alike. Mobile clinical research nurse services keep trials going, even through pandemic related site closures. And when sites are operating normally, mobile nurse services aid in recruiting and retaining study participants who are not able to make regular trips to the site for treatment and testing. We continuously stretch ourselves to elevate the clinical trials industry by improving the quality of the clinical trials experience for study participants. When you dare to lead, you inspire others to follow.

We Take Ownership

You can trust PCM TRIALS to deliver high quality service and results to all we serve. We do so, in part, by taking ownership. We believe courage is the cornerstone of personal and professional success. By counting on everyone to do their part, we inspire each other to grow stronger, smarter, and more driven in our work.