Sponsors & CROs

Only PCM TRIALS employs CMRNs.

The two biggest challenges in clinical research are recruitment and retention. Dropout rates in clinical trials average about 30% ¹, often because participants get “visit fatigue” from making multiple trips to investigator sites. One survey of trial participants found that 38% ² of dropouts found site visits stressful.

As more pharma companies and CROs seek service providers for in-home clinical trial research to help alleviate these stresses, they should ask potential partners one key question:

“How can we be sure that in-home visits will meet our high standards for quality and subject safety?”

Since 2008, the answer has been PCM TRIALS. We are the only company that has Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) focused on clinical trials and the stringent quality control methodology you’re looking for in a partner.

PCM TRIALS’ uniquely qualified CMRNs bring trial visits to subjects wherever they want them, whether at home, work, school, or on vacation. We work closely with all stakeholders – sponsor/CRO, site, subject, pharmacy, and laboratory – to optimize subject convenience, compliance, retention, and the quality of source data. PCM TRIALS has U.S. and international experience in a wide array of therapeutic areas.

Our CMRNs Understand Your Clinical Trial Needs

We directly employ, train and certify Registered Nurses who understand the complex and unique requirements of mobile clinical trial research and follow one set of SOPs. Our highly qualified CMRNs travel anytime, anywhere that’s convenient to subjects, their caregivers, and their families. CMRNs develop positive, trusting relationships with trial subjects and encourage them during each visit.

Our CMRNs and staff are dedicated to providing exemplary, convenient services that will help you improve compliance and retention so critical to your trial’s success. We understand the time constraints you face and the need for accurate documentation, strict adherence to study protocols and close collaboration between all participants. With PCM TRIALS, sponsors, CROs, and site investigators can be confident that our alternate-site visits will be carried out with the same quality and care as on-site visits across all therapeutic areas.