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PCM Trials welcomes the opportunity to connect during an upcoming event, whether virtual or in-person. We look forward to discussing the fast-moving world of decentralized clinical trials and exploring how PCM Trials can support your clinical research program, improving recruitment, retention, and adherence.

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Ellen Weiss

Ellen Weiss

Vice President, Business Development

Ellen Weiss is vice president, in-home solutions, and decentralized clinical trials at PCM Trials. She is an expert in connecting CROs and sponsors with right-sized hybrid and remote solutions to collect complete data. She has spoken on understanding the logistical support necessary for investigational medicinal product (IMP) delivery and sample collection, IMP dosing and sampling considerations, logistic options, and best-use cases. Ms. Weiss has deep knowledge of clinical trial research nurses and the services they provide, which enables sponsors, CROs, and site investigators to have confidence that alternate-site visits can be carried out with the same data quality and study participant safety as onsite visits across all therapeutic areas. She is a member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and a volunteer for the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

How Mobile Research Nursing is Improving Rare Disease Clinical Trials

Home Visits Are Revolutionizing Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials

What can trial sponsors do to help alleviate the burden on patients and families participating in clinical trials? PCM Trials partners with thought leaders and RARE REVOLUTION magazine for this webinar discussing how home visits enhance the patient experience in rare disease studies. Using mobile research nurses, sponsors can reach more rare disease patients and keep them in clinical trials longer.

PCM Trials and Applied Clinical Trials Webinar

How Mobile Nursing is Evolving to Meet the Stringent Demands of Today’s Decentralized Clinical Trials

There was a time when decentralized clinical trial (DCT) methods were seen as an accommodation to be used only as a last resort, but that’s no longer the case. The dramatic rise in DCTs spurred by the pandemic continues today, to the point that every sponsor, CRO and site should be conversant in the benefits of DCTs and the process of deploying services to the home.

How Mobile Nursing is Evolving to Deliver Efficient Decentralized Clinical Trials

Run More Efficient, More Diverse Decentralized Clinical Trials: How Mobile Nursing Can Transform Your Research

Ellen Weiss, PCM Trials’ vice president, in-home solutions, will help you understand how deploying a team of properly trained mobile research nurses can transform your remote trials, making them more efficient and more diverse, while improving participant retention. When participation in your trials is more convenient for patients, you’ll increase recruitment and retention.

PCM Trials Webinar

Applying the Lessons of the Pandemic to your Upcoming Trial

PCM Trials VP of In-Home Solutions Ellen Weiss shared insights with sponsors, CROs, and others who tuned in to her CenterWatch webinar, “Applying the Lessons of the Pandemic to your Upcoming Trial.” Ellen shared 5 questions you should ask to see if incorporating home visits by mobile research nurses will enhance your trial.