Clinical Site Network

EmVenio Research offers a wide-ranging and robust network of clinical research sites that are strategically located to ensure convenient access for patients.  By utilizing the strategy of entering new communities with state-of-the-art Community Research Sites and standing up research in existing community-based hospitals, EmVenio is expanding the reach of the traditional site network ecosystem.

When locating sites, we focus on underrepresented communities, where access to clinical research and health care may be limited. With sites more conveniently located to patients, challenges related to travel, schedule and daily life are minimized resulting in improved willingness to participate and remain in studies. EmVenio collaborates with our partners and communities to identify optimized locations to activate our sites, providing convenient access, and increasing geographic reach and patient diversity.

Established Community Research Sites

Our sites are established in underrepresented communities with long-term placement in mind and equipped to quickly activate on a Sponsor’s new or existing studies.

EmVenio Research Centers

Our full-service capabilities in community-based hospitals are situated in research naïve locations while fully supported by our experienced clinicians and expert PIs.



We support existing brick-and-mortar site locations by expanding their reach within the community and serving as a valuable resource and solution for capacity.

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Exclusive Community Research Sites

Site locations in strategically selected communities, exclusively dedicated to a single Sponsor or CRO and their trial initiatives.

Our sites have the flexibility to travel to locations equipped with all the necessary resources to function effectively as a medical facility. These sites offer participants in their communities a more convenient and accessible way to engage in clinical trials. Sites are fully customized to suit your clinical trials, supporting a full range of protocol procedures. Although our sites are mobile, we enter communities with long-term placement in mind. EmVenio collaborates with our clients to identify and activate sites in new locations that will benefit those communities and improve diverse patient representation in clinical research trials. For new site locations, we offer a client exclusivity model where our clients can elect to activate multiple studies through their own dedicated site network.

Community Research Sites