Since 2008, PCM Trials has led the way in mobile research. Our Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) are driving the shift to patient-centric, decentralized clinical trials, giving individuals the flexibility to engage in research studies in the ways that work best for them and expanding opportunities for participation.

Faster Enrollment | Higher Retention | Improved Adherence | Greater Diversity | Uncompromised Data Quality

Our CMRN certification program, coupled with protocol-specific training, ensures that patients have the best possible study experience while sponsors meet their strategic development goals in the United States and internationally.

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Sponsors & CROs

PCM Trials’ mobile research services enhance patient centricity, accelerate trial completion, and mitigate risk. Learn more about the impact of PCM Trials’ mobile research services.

Mobile Research

Sponsors have deployed PCM Trials’ mobile research services across an extraordinary range of therapeutic areas, patient populations, study types, and procedures. Our nursing team is available for visits seven days a week. Learn more about PCM Trials’ mobile research services.


Certified Mobile Research Nurses – CMRNs – are the heart of PCM Trials’ mobile research services. Our certification program and direct relationship with each CMRN ensure high data quality and a positive experience for patients.


Learn more about PCM Trials’ mobile research services and how we support decentralized clinical trials at an upcoming webinar. We would also welcome the opportunity to connect one-on-one.


Throughout the year, conferences present great opportunities to learn more about the fast-changing world of decentralized trials. We look forward to connecting with you, learning about your needs, and exploring how we can support your clinical research programs. Learn more about where we can connect.


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Learn more about our mission and history, our leadership, our values, and how you can become part of an industry-leading clinical mobile research team.

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