10 Reasons to Use PCM Trials Mobile Research Nurses

10 Reasons to Use PCM Trials Mobile Research Nurses

The clinical trial industry is literally exploding, launching more trials within shorter windows, adding new players, incorporating new technologies and meeting unprecedented regulatory challenges. With all these changes, choosing the right partner for your mobile nursing research might seem challenging. But it doesn’t need to be. Because when you consider the criteria that are most important to your trial success, PCM Trials comes out as a preferred choice time and time again. Why?

1. Experience

PCM Trials has been doing mobile nursing research since 2008. Since then, many providers have come and gone. But we’ve continued to hone our skills and expertise in mobile research, working with more than 160 sponsors (including the biggest names in Biopharma and those conducting the most interesting and innovate clinical research), following 300+ protocols, and conducting more than 46,000 patient visits. We’ve advanced trials across myriad therapeutic areas, including cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, hematology, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal, urology, neurology and pulmonary, to name a few. Through this work, we’ve helped bring life-saving pharmacologic solutions to the most vulnerable populations in the most remote areas with the rarest of diseases.

2. Unaffiliated, dedicated focus

The clinical trials mobile research nurse industry has been plagued by an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions in recent years that has caused operational issues for sponsors and CROs. Still today, however, PCM Trials remains independent and stable and has evolved a large and scalable operating model. Throughout our history we have focused on one thing—providing the highest quality mobile research nurses. That gives us the flexibility to take on projects regardless of size with no conflict of interest. Yet we preserved our entrepreneurial, creative approach and out-of-the box thinking, which has proven especially valuable and allowed us to rescue dozens of trials when unexpected challenges arise, such as a pandemic. In fact, we maintained nearly 100% in-window rates even during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

3. Quality, experienced nurses

All of PCM Trials’ mobile research nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs). Most have ICU or emergency department experience to ensure they possess the instincts and responsiveness to handle unexpected challenges independently. In addition, they are fully trained in good clinical practice (GCP) and regularly assessed to ensure they are up to date on the latest regulations and protocol-specific procedures. It’s all part of our certification program. We’re the only company in the industry that certifies its nurses to provide an added level of confidence.

4. Direct relationship with nurses

Unlike many other companies that subcontract their nurses through a third-party provider, PCM Trials directly recruits, trains, and manages our own Certified Mobile Research Nurses (CMRNs) from day one, where applicable. That makes it easier for us to staff up quickly. It also means consistent training and better quality control so that each visit meets or exceeds traditional site standards—both for data integrity and patient satisfaction. Other companies have since copied us, having realized the significant value of our direct relationship model. But no one has been perfecting this model longer.

5. Patient-centric approach

We’re all about the patient experience, making sure patients are comfortable, confident and compliant. We adapt to their needs, visiting them whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them. In their homes. At their places of employment. Even where they’re vacationing. By making it easier on participants, we’re able to retain participants to help keep trials on track. We give them the flexibility to engage in research studies in the ways that work best for them, thus expanding opportunities for participation, increasing retention and lowering trial costs.

6. Fast ramp ups

We’re able to start patient visits in an average of 6-8 weeks from the time the contract is signed. Faster starts mean your drug or device can advance to FDA approval sooner and you can get to market faster than the competition.

7. Global coverage

We’ve supported clinical studies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America and continue to expand our footprint. Our nurses and support teams are trained in GDPR compliance to ensure we meet the strictest standards wherever a trial is being conducted.

8. Full-service capabilities

You may think our services are limited because we work in remote environments. Not true. Our CMRNs are trained and experienced in a wide array of services, including:

  • Medication/investigational medicinal product dosing (infusion, injection, and other routes of administration)
  • Blood draws, sample collection and logistics
  • Clinical assessment and observation
  • Investigational device management
  • Patient education and training
  • Adverse event monitoring
  • Operation of centrifuges, EKGs, and other equipment

9. The right support system

We provide a full network of resources to ensure protocols are followed in window and that logistics are in place so that IMPs are delivered when and where they need to be in the condition (and right temperature) they need to be. Our global network of highly trained CMRNs is backed by an operation support team that is committed to making each patient encounter a success.

10. Industry-leading data security

Ensuring patient confidentiality and data security are top priorities for PCM Trials. And to prove it, we’ve invested significantly in systems, procedures and technologies designed to protect our sponsors and CROs, as well as the patients we serve. The results are noticeable and verifiable. In 2021 alone, our company was recognized with two prestigious industry awards—the CIO 100 (which is typically reserved for the country’s largest companies) and the CSO50. These awards reflect our proven ability to keep data safe, even in remote environments.

A trusted partner for success

Faster enrollments. Higher retention. Improved adherence. Greater diversity. Uncompromised data quality. These are PCM Trials hallmarks.

To learn how a fully decentralized approach using mobile research nurses could help advance your next trial, contact PCM Trials at [email protected] or call 303‐253‐7470.