Mastering the Logistics of Remote Visits in Global DCTs

Mastering the Logistics of Remote Visits in Global DCTs

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On November 14, 2023, industry experts from PCM Trials were joined by trusted logistics vendors for a live webinar featuring lively conversation about overcoming challenges to successfully deliver compliant mobile visits around the world.

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Ellen Weiss, Vice President of In-home Solutions at PCM Trials, opened the conversation by introducing the company’s logistical expertise in delivering critical trial components like investigational drugs and equipment to trial patients in varied and unique locations. Such adaptability is key to maintaining the integrity of clinical trials, ensuring high-quality data collection, and prioritizing patient safety. As Weiss puts it, PCM Trials has demonstrated extensive expertise in getting ‘the right stuff to the right place at the right time, delivered by the right hands.’

Kevin Meek, Director of Supply Chain Operations at PCM Trials, spoke about the intricate logistics strategies that the company employs to ensure the successful implementation of mobile nurse visits. The process involves meticulous planning, coordination with global partners, and strict adherence to international regulations. Meek underscored the challenges of managing supplies and investigational products across different countries, each with its own set of healthcare rules and regulations.

Over the years, the company’s operational management and delivery methods have evolved to address these challenges. PCM Trials adeptly handles the complexity of supporting home-based trials and adheres to global regulations. The company’s collaboration with suppliers mitigates risks related to data protection, information security, and service quality; this includes maintaining a supply of critical items and establishing strong relationships with suppliers for efficient procurement.

Industry experts Mike Sweeney of QuickSTAT and Chris Thompson of Woodley Trial Solutions also provided insights, further illuminating the conversation surrounding logistics. They explored the complexities of managing supply chains and equipment for decentralized trials, a crucial aspect in today’s interconnected medical research environment. For example, PCM Trials and our partners’ logistical expertise were demonstrated in a high-volume study requiring specific, difficult-to-obtain, infusion tubing. In response, the company established a standing purchase order to ensure a consistent supply.

PCM Trials stands as a leader of innovation, agility, and patient-centricity in the realm of decentralized clinical trials. Their approach and collaboration with global partners, such as QuickSTAT and Woodley Trial Solutions, are paving the way toward a future where clinical trials are more accessible, efficient, and inclusive, marking a new era in global healthcare advancement.

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